thank you for booking with inspectek west inc. WHAT DO I DO NEXT???

Thank you for choosing Inspectek West for your inspection services.  We will need a few things from you to get the job done in a timely manner.

1- Please let your real estate agent know the time and date of the inspection(s).  They will need to make arrangements for us to get in to perform our inspections.  If there is no real estate agent involved, please make arrangements with the seller for us to gain access.

2- You can click on the links and download both the Oregon Standards of Home Inspections and Our Contract to review.  If you are unable to attend the inspection, then we will need you to sign, date and return our contract page prior to us being able to release the report.  You can email the signed contract to

3- If we are doing a Radon test, we will need our Radon Authorization Agreement signed by the seller/occupants of the property.  You can download the form and have your agent pass it along to get it signed before we do the radon test.  Pam or Wayne can pick up the signed form when they set up the test, or it can be returned electronically to Pam at 

Following the above steps should help things go smoothly for the inspection process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text Cory @ 503-310-2612