Smoke Detector Safety

All smoke detectors are not created equal.  Please watch this short 6 min video that could save you and your loved one's lives! Knowing the difference is extremely important.


Most people would think  having a working smoke detector would be good enough. There are different types of detectors that are better at detecting different kinds of fires.  Here is a really good in depth article that goes into the differences and some of the fact finding on the different type of alarms. Please click here

 Key Points 

  • Most homes (approx 90%) have ionization smoke detectors. Ionization smoke detectors are primarily for detecting fast moving flame type fires and not smoldering type fires.
  • Cooking/Fast flame moving fires account for 43% of fires, 39% of injuries and only 16% of deaths. 
  • Smoldering type fires account for 23% of fires, 30% of injuries and 61% of deaths   
  • 2/3 of deadly fires occur between 8pm and 8am and are of the smoldering type.  
  • Photelectric alarms are more sensitive to smoldering fires and detected smoldering type fires on avg 30+ min faster than ionization detectors. Sometimes the ionization detector didn't go off at all. 
  • Replacing your detectors with photoelectric alarms doubles your chance of surviving a more deadly type of smoldering smoky fire.  
  • Do not replace existing alarms with dual combo type units, as sensitivity of alarms can be manually altered by manufacturer to pass the bare minimum testing regulations. 
  • If you do not know what type you have, replace your detectors with photoelectric units to be safe.  

Home inspectors do not typically note the type of detectors used in a house during an inspection. Determining types and operability of detectors does exceed any standards of practice currently in place by home inspectors.  





Online scheduling now available


In an effort to help our agents and clients, we are now providing the availability to book inspections online. We have included many features. One has the ability to schedule their preferred inspector or look for the soonest availability in the company. One can also schedule a stand alone sewer scope or radon monitoring or schedule sewer and radon together. Visit the website and go to the contact us/scheduling page, click on the book inspection online and schedule an inspection today.

January is Radon Awareness Month.

A friendly public service announcement from a Seattle Seahawk.

Oregon Health has also updated their Radon Assessment Map. Check it out!!


Radon testing is very reasonable. $150 for a 48hr test. Contact us to schedule a test. Do not put it off another day. The only way to know if you have radon is to test.

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